Six months on…

Wow, six months already… we still need to write a testimonial for Gabriella. The more I look back the more I see just how vital she was and how lovely it was to have her in our corner.

On October 30th my parents threw us a reception. Lots of fun. Hard to recall much of it because I was floating from one person to the next, greeting everyone, catching up (however briefly) with friends and family I haven’t seen in years, all the while smiling so much my face got stuck. It was fun to see the different groups of people interact. It was actually the first time Joe met several members of my family. My niece, Nichola, ran up to me at one point and gave me a hug around my knees. My thought process went something like, “Aww, hi honeeeeeee Noooooooo! Chocolate!” So I now have a smear of chocolate on my dress. Inevitable (I’m amazed I didn’t spill anything on it in Venice, actually) and funny. Stains from hugs are good.

People keep asking me, “How does it feel to be married?” Since Joe and I had already been living together for almost two years I have to answer, “Not all that different from unmarried life.” (I don’t think people like that answer.) Honestly the differences between married and unmarried for me are slight occasional glows. I’ll look at Joe and think, “Damn, that’s my husband!” When we hold hands, I’ll become aware of the rings. Thoughts about the future are more concretely about “us” and not “I.” It surprises me how easily it is to slip into familiarity with the thought of being married but there are also times I need to be reminded that I’m somewhat pluralized now. The changes are very subtle and interesting to me, but not really things that can be summarized in a pat answer to a different form of “How are you?”

The pictures I absolutely cherish. It’s just so luxurious to look through them and realize it was real. That was us. We were there. Since we had only two witnesses, I get to go over the photos with other people and relive that day over and over again. Funny how for all the crazy paperwork and the strain over keeping it a secret we weren’t that worked up about the wedding day. There was little stressing about making it a special day because it just was.

How could it not be?

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