After the fact…

It’s been quite a month.

All the waiting and secret keeping ended up being well worth it. Reactions have been positive. My parents are thrilled; they basically said, “We don’t have to worry about the ceremony and can go straight to the party!” My parents rock. The “reception” will probably be in mid to late October. I’m looking forward to it, partly for the silly reason that I’ll get to wear the dress again.

I now find myself switching between wanting to talk about it nonstop to still feeling like I have to keep quiet about it. I’m not sure how to drop this little bit of news into conversation, so sometimes I just don’t say anything. I need to get over that.

After a few days of being frustrated over how tight they were, I’ve gotten used to wearing the rings. I’ve never been much of a ring person; the last one I wore regularly was my high school ring. These are pretty form fitting and are a bit difficult to get off (which is a good thing), but I’ve noticed that my finger seems to be changing shape to accommodate this new hardware.

According to the stats of this blog, some people have found it by searching for information on Hefez and Sons. I’m happy to give them the advertising because they really were wonderful to work with. Other people were searching for pictures of the Kate Hudson dress.

I should mention a few books that we looked to for advice about this event.

Let’s Elope — Good for etiquette questions and has a good description of options beyond a Justice of the Peace.

Beyond Vegas — Very good descriptions of fun alternatives. It’s very frank about the difficulties involved.

The Everything Elopement Book — Eh. I got the impression that this book was written in an attempt to convince the author’s mother that it was okay. It sounded whiny and a bit adolescent.

The Hard Questions — Some of our friends have had high praise for Catholic pre-Cana, where couples are asked questions about themselves and the future that might not have come up during courtship. This book is a good stand in for that. We would just open the book and think about whatever question was on the page. A good guide and an interesting exercise.

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