We did it! In spite of all our worries about paperwork, timing, etc., we are now Joe Hughes and Justina Kochansky, young married couple. The wedding went off without a hitch, unless you count our friend and witness Jacy being dive-bombed by a pigeon (he took one for the cause). The photos are sitting on CDs right next to us, but we probably won’t be able to upload any of them until we get back home to a decent internet connection in a couple days. Ciao!

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  • Joy

    I’m planning to pick you up at the airport tomorrow still–inside or outside? If I don’t hear from you, I’ll just look for you at the pick up place by the curb. Ok?

  • Elliot

    CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!! Barbara and I were thrilled to hear the news. Here’s my virtual toast to many many years of happy married life.

    - Elliot

  • pj

    I guess it really is the wedding massive now. Congratulations guys – this was the way we WANTED to do it. props for being the ones to live the dream.