First Photos

We’ve just gotten home from Italy, so we haven’t had a chance to thoroughly go through the pictures, but I’ve posted a few that jumped out at me in the wedding album. I expect to add a bunch more in the next few days, so check back soon!

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  • Joy

    I love the laundry in the first photo… :D
    They’re all so lovely, and not a drop of sweat!

  • Joe

    Well, Venice is a real city, and one without a lot of clothes dryers. :] That was a picture that we took with my pocket camera while we were walking to lunch afterwards. As for the sweat–well, I’ve got a few pictures of Justina taking a sweat-blotting break halfway through the Rialto shoot. It was incredibly hot and muggy that day. :7

  • Matt McKeon


    Beautiful. :)