Even More Photos

I’ve just added another small gallery of wedding photos, these ones taken by our friends/witnesses Jacy and Victoria. We got them developed at Ferranti-Dege in Harvard Square, because they offer higher-resolution scanning than most places (3592 x 2048 from APS film) when developing, and they’re nearby. Unfortunately, it looks like the film suffered some x-ray damage during the trip, as the resulting scans and prints came back looking very grainy and low-contrast. I was able to recover a decent amount of quality using Photoshop and Noise Ninja, but I’ve disabled print ordering on this gallery since the results probably wouldn’t be worthwhile. Anyway, enjoy the photos–Jacy and Victoria managed to get some great “behind the scenes” shots and caught some things that our photographer wasn’t around for.

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  • Helen

    It is so refreshing to read these entries as my fiance and I are going through nearly every emotion, detail, frustration, etc. that you two went through. We are trying to get married in Florence in October and we have run into the same problems with paperwork. While my fiance’s was easy, mine was a nightmare because I was not born in this country. I’m very happy it worked out and hopefully, ours will turn out just as wonderful. Congratulations!