Musical chairs, dress wise

So it looks as if I will not be wearing this dress after all. I got a phone call this afternoon from Metrofashion informing me that they were having difficulties with their distributor for that dress and couldn’t guarantee delivery in time. She recommended that I look for an alternative dress.

Arr… just when I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with shopping… especially shopping in a bridal “salon.” *shudder* I haven’t really looked in any stores because I dread this sort of thing. However, now I have to because I have less than… six weeks… (oy!) til Joe and I leave for Italy.

I did a bit more looking online and after getting some pointers from links in Indiebride, I found this rather nice dress. Hopefully, Watters & Watters will live up to the claims of being inexpensive. Seeing as how a) I don’t think I have time to order online, and b) I’m not sure I actually can order online, I will have to go to the local stores that carry this line.

I’m going to L’√©lite tomorrow morning to see if they have the equivalent dress. With luck they’ll be helpful and I won’t have to brave… Priscilla of Boston.

If they try to get me into a meringue, I’m leaving. If they try to talk me into a dress that costs more than $300, I’m leaving. If they look down on me… I’ll vent about it.

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