Dress been gotten

In spite of my leaning towards white, the dress is lilac.
In spite of my wanting tea length, it is floor length.
In spite of my not wanting a train, it has one.
In spite of my intending to find something modest, it has a low back.
In spite of my not wanting to spend more than $300, it’s closer to $400.

I love this dress.
I didn’t want to take it off.

The only drawback to the dress is that it is apparently based on the dress worn by Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (can’t find decent pictures of it… the best one is actually the movie poster). I’m enough of a snob to have almost not gotten it because of that. The lady at L’√©lite mentioned it, and I thought, “Well, then I guess I won’t be getting this one…” Then I looked in the mirror again.

I may not end up looking like a “bride” but I will be happy.

This morning we got news that Joe’s paperwork that we’d sent to Milan has been completed. This wedding just might end with a hitch!

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