While I’m waiting for my tea kettle to boil, I’ll vent a little about international paperwork.


It’s about as much fun as you’d expect it to be.

I need to get my birth certificate translated into Italian and French since Joe is getting married as a French citizen (means the city fees will be about €1000 cheaper). Since bureaucracy operates on its own standard time (usually about twice as long as the rest of the world) we’re kinda anxious to get everything done asap. I’ve gotten an apostille for my birth certificate, as required for the Italian paperwork. (Note: apostille is pronounced AH-pah-steel, not a-PAH-stle. The contract Joe and I are entering into isn’t THAT sacrosanct. :) But now I may need to get another one for Joe’s records. Or maybe I just need to get it translated into French… oy.

I’m going to try to get the translations started today before work, which causes its own set of problems. I get stressed out about paperwork so I’ve been arriving at work in a frantic mood but I can’t say why. I’m sure my co-workers know something is up, but I think I’ve been clever enough at keeping it a secret.

Boy has that been hard. My parents came for a visit this weekend. I had to do a sweep of all incriminating evidence/paperwork before they arrived. It’s funny to have an event take up so much of your attention, only to be unable to share it with anyone. My parents ask me what I’ve been up to and I can only reply with, “Oh you know, the usual.” I’m usually very open with them about my activities.

Anyway, back to the paperwork.

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