The Actual Date and more blather

July 20th at 11:30 am… Venice time.

We’ve signed up with Wedding in Rome and have started down the road which involves money, specifically nonrefundable money, so it’s real now. Somehow getting the rings doesn’t quite have the impact as beginning payment for the actual event.

I’ve bought the dress as well. On line. The part of me that’s heavily influenced by my mother feels that this is somehow wrong, but I really liked this one. After a bit of online shopping, I decided that most dresses looked exactly the same and were not what I wanted. This one surprised me. I never expected to want a white dress, but hey… I guess I’ve been programed. Hell, I wasn’t even expecting to get a new dress. Had you asked me at the beginning of this process what I’d be wearing I’d have said, “Oh probably one of the dresses I already have.” And yet…

The issue of cost has come up with me alot through this whole process. Another reason I didn’t want a diamond was the cost. After deciding on a new gown for the ceremony, I insisted I didn’t want to spend more than $300 on the dress and yet I went over that. Joe keeps reminding me that this is our wedding and that I needn’t be quite so penny pinching, especially if it means I deny myself things that will make me happy.

As difficult as it’s been to keep all this a secret, it’s so much fun going through my days with this in the back of my mind. One of my co-workers got engaged this week and I feel a kindred delight for her. I’m looking forward to announcing our marriage after the fact. It’s so lovely this secret between Joe and I; it’s really about us and what we want. As it should be.

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