Here are some reviews of local jewelers that we went to in our search for wedding rings.

Freedman Jewelers: Really didn’t like these guys. They were pushy and didn’t seem to listen. When I said I wanted sapphires instead of diamonds the lady helping us told me that it would look boring and that I needed diamonds. End of argument. We actually signed up for their mailing list because we were so blind-sided by their pushiness that we couldn’t form the word no. Their selection wasn’t anything unusual. Funny how so many jewelers seem to have the exact same stock.

DePrisco: A little better. They had some beautiful rings that were quite distinctive. I got the impression that the woman helping us wasn’t taking us seriously; perhaps we didn’t seem “money” enough. In the middle of our looking at rings she left to go chat with another customer, leading one of the other employees to apologize profusely for her behavior.

Serge’s: Nice people. A small, unassuming store (especially after the gilt wood and marble of DePrisco’s). They had one ring that just blew my mind; it was a lovely sapphire and diamond “stackable” ring that was actually interesting looking. That was the ring that made me think I could be okay with having diamonds. I’ve had that ring in the back of my mind ever since and haven’t seen anything else like it.

Baak Gallery: A shop I stopped into because they sold Canadia diamonds (annoying music on index page). The woman who owns the gallery was a war photographer and won’t sell any other kind of diamond. They had lovely jewelry and there was a room where you could drink tea and browse through catalogues of rings.

By this point in the search, I was getting rather tired of the whole process. So, I decided to go back to…

Hefez & Sons Jewelers. (They don’t have a website, as far as I know, but you can find some reviews and ads here.)

Hefez & Sons was actually the first store we walked into, and it was purely by chance. We’d decided to go to the top floor and work our way down. Regardless of how we found them, they were the sweetest and most helpful of people we encountered. Daniele listened to what we wanted and took the time to talk with us and explain options, benefits to certain designs, drawbacks to others, etc. She was also the only person to actually measure our ring sizes. No other store did that simple and basic step.

While we were there a woman came in to look at diamond bands to go with her engagement ring. Rather than trying to milk her for as much cash as possible, they recommended that she get a ring with smaller diamonds because “it shouldn’t detract from the diamond you have.” That struck me as being quite professional of them.

I went back a second time, after more research, and they welcomed me back, offered me some tea and listened to my concerns. Rather than scoffing at my not wanting diamonds, they immediately began showing me sapphires and suggested lab created ones, which they also showed me. We’ll be going in tomorrow to put a down payment on the rings.

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