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The Actual Date and more blather

July 20th at 11:30 am… Venice time. We’ve signed up with Wedding in Rome and have started down the road which involves money, specifically nonrefundable money, so it’s real now. Somehow getting the rings doesn’t quite have the impact as … Continue reading

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The actual event… *twitch*

So we will be getting married in July. In Italy. Venice specifically. Right now, we’re leaning towards going with this group for organizational and planning purposes. Getting married in another country requires a bit of paperwork. Is this really happening?!

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Here are some reviews of local jewelers that we went to in our search for wedding rings. Freedman Jewelers: Really didn’t like these guys. They were pushy and didn’t seem to listen. When I said I wanted sapphires instead of … Continue reading

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Rings and Things

I’m a liberal girl. I also have a healthy dose of white guilt. There’s no way for me as an American to be completely sure that I’ve removed all sources of cruelty to others, short of going completely off the … Continue reading

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Greetings world

My boyfriend and I are eloping. We are trying to keep this a secret, but since it requires such preparation and I’ll want to remember this time in the future I’m starting this “secret” journal. “Why not just keep a … Continue reading

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